Capitalise developed an innovative and revolutionary financial trading platform that will cater the needs of both the professionals and the novice traders. Capitalise revolutionary NLP engine won both the 2016 (London) as well as the 2017 (San Jose) Finovate Best of Show Awards.

Our white label solution will grant the end customer with an extremely innovative and user friendly system that will open for him a brand "New World" of financial strategies opportunities and will result with:

A- a more satisfied User and
B- a higher number of over all transactions.
Capitalise main capabilities and advantages:
- Writing your strategies using Natural Language
- Automation of Trading
- Robo-advisors Marketplace - Distribution of Strategies
- Quick and Easy integration (that will require extremely limited resources from the financial entity side)
- Management of multiple strategies simultaneously
- leveraging the use of alternative data for investments
- keeping emotions out of the trading process
- Using exotic Data sources as triggers
- Asset Agnostic
- Ease of use

联系人:Ran Agassi


公司地址:Alenbi 105 Tel Aviv