Vietnam Sourcing & PD Specialist & QC驻越南跟单+质检

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所属行业: 对外贸易
企业规模: 21-50人
发布日期: 2017-09-07 工作地点: 越南 招聘人数: 1
月薪待遇: 8000-9999 语言要求: 英语(熟练) 越南语(熟练) 年龄要求: 25岁-40岁
工作类型: 全职



Job title: Sourcing & Product Developing Specialist
Location: Foshan
Reporting To: PD & Sourcing Supervisor

Key Responsibilities:
The Sourcing and PD Specialist is responsible for developing new products to add to the current product lineup contacting and qualifying suppliers in line with the overall Company Supplier strategy.

These responsibilities include:
- Fully responsible of setting-up and maintaining new E-retailing Program:
a. Product Development
b. Inventory Management
c. Logistics
d. Factory inventory and product inspection
- Research, identify and qualify new Suppliers based on company defined sourcing strategies and objectives and Supplier guideline qualifications
- Conduct preliminary Supplier qualification and evaluation including the Supplier management team, full due diligence, operating capacity, capability, and constraints, quality systems, financial strength, competitive profile and throughput effectiveness
- Document and provide recommendations on potential new Suppliers
- Negotiate and confirm preliminary pricing and Supplier terms and conditions for prospective Suppliers
- For approved Suppliers identify new products for production and confirm product specifications, technical specs, manufacturing requirements, quality standards and delivery timeframes, etc.
- Working with Head office to approve all samples prior to production
- Evaluate Supplier performance after first production run and discuss and document areas for improvement along with, Sourcing and PD Supervisor, QC Supervisor and assigned QC specialist
- Maintain and keep updated the Supplier database

- should have Logistics skills, very good Excel / Inventory programs skills, and PD(product development)skills
- Minimum 5 years experience in Furniture & Bathroom products.
- Self-motivated, able to manage complex situations and issues and negotiate price and terms and conditions with minimum supervision
- Demonstrated experience with purchase aggregation, Supply chain management techniques, Supplier quality systems, and Supplier performance measurements
- Excellent negotiating and interpersonal skills. Good written and verbal communication skills and communicates information on a timely basis
- PC skills, including use of the Internet for communication, excel spreadsheet analysis, and word-processing
- Demonstrated understanding of Supplier evaluation/selection processes and manufacturing processes. Should have good familiarity with materials, material specifications and grades
- Well-developed organization, planning and follow-up skills are critical to success
- General understanding of logistics and distribution processes and techniques a plus
- Willingness to travel
- Fluent in English



OVE是The Sequoia Group 的子公司,分别在美国,加拿大,中国有4个分支机构。2006年OVE又成立了一个专门从事浴室产品配件的分支机构。