Game copywriting(职位编号:010)

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所属行业: 猎头
企业规模: 21-50人
发布日期: 2020-05-12 工作地点: 海淀区 招聘人数: 1
月薪待遇: 15000-19999 工作年限: 一年以上 语言要求: 英语
最低学历要求: 本科 年龄要求: 23岁-35岁 工作类型: 全职


Job description:
1. Design the game story and create characters, dialogues and plots according to the game story.
2. Proofread English games.
3. Check the localization files of the game, which may involve English culture, history and user habits.
Job requirements:
1. English is the mother tongue.
2. Bachelor degree or above.
3. Love the game business. If you are a hardcore player, this will be our favorite virtue.
4. Writing ability is preferred. Any writing is a bonus.
5. Basis of work: Beijing. My friend, you need a long-term plan.


联系人:Mr.leo 猎头顾问
公司地址:Room 4080, 401, floor 4, building 26, Jingan Li, Chaoyang Di

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